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Maintenance & Repairs

Do you have an urgent or emergency issue? Something that poses a risk to you or your property? Then call us on 9845 9697.

We’ll aim to resolve the issue within the following time frames:

  • 24 hours for an emergency service
  • 48 hours for an urgent repair
  • 28 days for any other non-urgent repairs

Alternatively, for emergency repairs outside business hours, contact one of our contractors directly as listed at the bottom of this page.

What qualifies as an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is for a life threatening situation, or is affecting tenants’ health/ safety right now, or is causing serious damage to the property. Examples of emergency situations include;

  • gas leak
  • sewerage leaks
  • burst water pipe
  • dangerous electrical faults
  • storm, fire or flooding damage

What qualifies as an urgent repair?

An urgent repair is for a situation that is a major inconvenience, or repairs that are necessary for the supply/ restoration of an essential service.

Examples are:

  • roof leak
  • loss of power
  • badly leaking tap
  • blocked toilet
  • cistern overflowing faulty hot water system

What qualifies as a non-urgent repair?

A non-urgent repair is organised for a situation that needs to be fixed to keep the property in good condition, but does not include refurbishments or additions.

Examples are:

  • damaged tiling
  • damaged fence
  • loose towel rails
  • deteriorated door handle

More details can be found here

Maintenance & Repairs

Lodge a complaint

We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do, so your feedback – good or bad – matters to us. That’s why we have a well-developed Complaints Handling framework, with a clear escalation process.

In the first instance, we recommend you make in informal complaint in person, via email at or by calling us on 9845 9697. All our staff are aware of the importance of feedback and treating complaints with the care and attention they deserve, and most issues and disputes can be resolved quickly and easily. We’ll respond to your complaint within three working days

If your complaint can’t be resolved informally, you can make a formal complaint. For more information, read our Housing Management Grievance Policy and Procedures guide.

Lodge a complaint

Changes to your household

If a member of your household moves out, or if someone else is going to join your household, please contact your Property Manager.

Before someone joins your household, you need to complete an Application for Additional Household Member form and receive formal approval from our team. Any change to your household requires a new eligibility assessment and a new rent assessment.

Please note, if you allow other people to live permanently at your premises without paying rent, or notifying us of the change in your household, you are in breach of your Residential Tenancy Agreement. This could put your tenancy at risk.

Household change

Key replacements

Don’t worry if you’ve lost your keys. We can supply you with a new set, although there will be a charge.

The same applies if you accidentally damage or lose a remote control or access card. Call us on 9845 9697 and we’ll arrange a replacement.

If you lock yourself out over a weekend, during a public holiday or at night, you’ll need to arrange a locksmith at your own expense. You must also give us a copy of your new keys on the next business day.

You’ll find the details of our approved locksmith at the bottom of this page.

Rent calculations

Your rent is either calculated on a percentage of your total household assessable income, plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance, or the property market rent, whichever is the lower.

The percentage we use depends on whether your household is assessed as Band A or Band B.

Band A refers to households that meet the public housing assistance eligibility criteria.

Band B refers to households with income exceeding the eligibility criteria for public housing assistance but not exceeding the eligibility criteria for entry to the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

If you’re eligible to apply for a Centrelink payment (including Commonwealth Rent Assistance) but choose not to, you’ll be deemed to be receiving relevant Centrelink payment(s) for the purpose of your assessing rent.

Pet applications

If you’d like to keep a dog or cat at your property, you must apply in writing and get written approval from our team before you bring a pet home.

If your application is approved, you’ll need to pay a pet bond and provide proof of council registration and microchipping. Again, you’ll need to do this before you take your new pet home.

Some of our properties, particularly some units, are subject to strict ‘No pets’ by-laws. Unfortunately, if that’s the case with your property, you won’t be able to keep a pet.

Pet application

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct an initial inspection approximately six weeks after the commencement date of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, then every three months thereafter (although your inspection frequency may be extended up to six months).

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (1987), we’ll give you no less than 7 days and no more than 14 days written notice for every scheduled inspection.

To be eligible for housing assistance with Advance Housing, you must meet eligibility requirements as set by the WA Department of Communities including:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Live in Western Australia and receive your income here
  • Earn no more than the current income limits
  • Not own or part own property or land
  • Not have cash assets in excess of $38,400 (singles), $63,800 (couples) or $80,000 (seniors 60 years plus, singles or couples)
  • Be able to prove your identity
  • Be 16 years of age or above

More information is available Here

You can apply for housing assistance with Advance Housing by completing the Department of Communities’ Housing Options Assessment form (make sure you tick the ‘Community Housing’ option).

If your household income changes, you must notify our team on 9845 9697 or at within 14 days. We’ll need to conduct a rent review, just like your original rent assessment. Your rent may stay the same, increase or decrease – we’ll let you know the result of your rent review in writing.

Our preferred method of payment of rent for tenants whose principal (or only) source of income is Centrelink is a deduction from the Centrelink benefit before the benefit is paid. This is a free service for anyone who receives a Centrelink payment.

We’ll need two weeks’ rent in advance, when you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement, before you can occupy the property. Your rent must be paid two weeks in advance on the due date each fortnight. If your payday doesn’t coincide with the date your rent is due, we’ll ask you to pay a ‘gap’ payment. Your due date can then be altered to match up with your payday.

If your Centrelink benefit or income is less than your rent or varies from one fortnight to another, you may be able to pay your rent by Rentcard (provided to you on request or when you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement) or bank transfer. You can ask your Property Manager for more information.

No, this isn’t possible. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact our team on 9845 9697 and arrange an appointment with your Housing Services Officer. It’s important that you do this before your rent falls into arrears.

When you sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you have a legal responsibility to pay your rent in advance by the due date. The best way to avoid rent arrears is to have ongoing automatic payments set up from Centrepay or via direct debit.

All rent arrears are followed up immediately and we’ll contact you. This may be by email, post or telephone. It’s important that you respond promptly to any contact regarding rent arrears – if you don’t, your tenancy may be at risk and you may be subject to legal action.

Please contact our office on 9845 9697 and arrange an appointment to discuss your rent review. If you’re unhappy with the result of this appointment, you can ask for your query to be escalated. For further information on the appeals process, please refer to our Tenant Handbook or contact your Housing Services Officer.

Yes, you are. This is covered in Clause 18.8 and Clause 19 of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, which states:

  • 18.8. The tenant must not allow anyone who is lawfully at the premises to breach the terms of this agreement.
  • 19. The tenant is responsible for the conduct or omission of any person lawfully on the premises that results in a breach of the agreement.

Yes, you can, if your existing home is no longer suitable. To apply for a transfer, you’ll need to complete a Transfer Application form and provide documents that support your application (i.e. doctor’s letters, police report numbers etc). You can lodge this application with our office. We’ll assess your eligibility and notify you of the outcome.

We’ll give you a property condition report when you sign your lease – it may become the most important piece of evidence if a dispute arises at the end of your tenancy.

You must complete your report in full, with your comments added in the space provided. If you find there isn’t enough space to add your comments, please use a separate sheet of paper that can be copied and signed by both parties.

It’s your responsibility to return the completed report within 7 days of receiving it. If you don’t take the time to complete it accurately, money may be taken out of your bond to pay for damage that was already there when you moved in.

Water invoices are generally issued every two months. The charges are calculated by the Water Corporation, who obtain your water use reading from your water meter, then usually forward an invoice directly to you. If this isn’t the case, it will be noted in your tenancy agreement.

Water concessions

If you’re a concession card holder, you may be eligible for a water concession. To find out more, please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 58 at the commencement of your lease – they will only grant a concession from the date you apply.

After hours and emergency numbers

Plumbing & Gas
BP Bird Plumbing & Gas 0407 414 393
Wade Marshall 0408 469 321
Active Plumbing (08) 9841 7644

Door Lock Repairs / Maintainance
Lockworx 0438 417 023

Window Repairs
Glass Suppliers (08) 9841 7555

Freeborough Electrical 0419 957 888
Breaksea Electrical 0419 300 034

Door lock repairs and maintenance (student housing only)
Albany Lock Service: (08) 9842 9779

Live outside Albany?
Please contact your local tradesperson for emergency maintenance, then advise our team as soon as possible. Call us during business hours on 9845 9697 or email

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